Alaistair is a Technologist, Innovator, Engineer and Expert in Airport, Air Traffic Control and Airline Operational Systems.

He brings together a unique set of skills, analysis, strategy and ability to communicate with customers from operational staff through IT and to CEOs of major international airports.

Not just content with delivering “run-of-the-mill” solutions, it is Alaistair’s ability to develop new concepts in operations and process optimisation and to seek out new and developing technologies to bring exciting new solutions to market.

Alaistair has introduced many new concepts, innovations, ideas and solutions which have become standards across the industry.

Innovations include:

  • The world’s first practical demonstration of IATA barcoded boarding passes delivered to mobile phones
  • The development, rollout and launch of Europe’s first airline mobile boarding pass
  • The world’s first airport deployment of mobile phone tracking technologies to measure passenger flow
  • Development of the concepts for the world’s largest multi-airport operational database

Alaistair’s technology career started very early when he could be found disassembling, hacking and rebuilding electronic systems as a kid in the ’70s well before repurposing and life hacking became hip, recognised terms.  This was followed by building his own computers and writing databases and games aged 13.

After university, Alaistair’s early professional career started developing everything from ballistics software and control systems for the UK’s Main Battle Tank, nuclear robotics control systems and even a patent for asbestos respirator control systems using digital filters and predictive breathing algorithms.

In 1992, Alaistair joined a recently formed Real Time Engineering as senior developer on a 6 week contract that lasted for the next 22 years.  Real Time Engineering was recognised for developing high quality complex systems for air traffic control, energy and oil and gas industries.

Staying with Real Time Engineering, over the next few years Alaistair became a Principal Consultant and led the technology and sales within the newly formed Aviation Sector.  Real Time went on to expand out from Air Traffic Control into Airport and Airline solutions and products and began to grow internationally.

In 2009, Alaistair was part of the management buy-out team forming the Amor Group from Real Time Engineering and Pragma, the IT services company originally from Aberdeen.

Alaistair continued to work within the leadership team as Chief Aviation Technologist, combined laterally with Aviation Sales Director which saw Amor Group grow to be Scotland’s largest indigenous IT company with around 600 staff based in offices throughout UK and abroad.

To continue the growth, Amor Group was acquired in September 2013 by Lockheed Martin, the US-based global, advanced technology, security and aerospace company.

Outside of the aviation industry, Alaistair maintains his parallel life and alter-ego as an audio engineer and technologist over at

Further details of Alaistair’s experience can be found over at CV and Experience.  Should you require a detailed CV, please drop a line over at Contact.

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